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Help for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Mums / Dads and People of Colour

Welcome to Acacia's dedicated section for mums and dads who are people of colour and/or from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds. We are here to help you.  You don't have to go through this on your own.  If you would like to use our service please complete the secure online self referral form below.  If you are finding this difficult just give us a ring on 0121 301 5990, email us at or use the link here to ask us a question.

On these pages we have tried to pull together some information to help you.  Please click on any of the links below to find video's, information and free downloadable stuff specifically designed for people of colour/BAME.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will find some video's of other mums' stories.  These mums have experienced postnatal depression and anxiety and have recovered from it.  You can too, you just need to get some help and start putting one foot in front of the other.  This is a temporary illness and we're here to help you get better.

Whilst we continue to use the BAME acronym out of convenience it can sometimes give the impression that we are lumping large numbers of people together as a single entity.  We would like to assure you that this is not true and  we do not allow the humanity, the complexity, the experiences and identities of people to get swallowed up in this four letter acronym.   We recognise that different families/communities/cultures are made up of individuals and we therefore resist ascribing pre-conceived ideas and approaches based purely on a person's racial/cultural grouping.

Clear covid advice in different languages for pregnant mums and other vulnerable family members
Below are some links for up to date information on Covid-19 available in various different languages.  

Just click on the links below then when they open scroll down to find your own language 

Top tips to stay safe - watch the video in your own language by clicking on the link below:
Coronavirus and your pregnancy - free guides from Birmingham Women's Hospital
We understand that you will be worried about the physical impact of coronavirus on your pregnancy and your baby. These leaflets aim to provide you with information about coronavirus, your pregnancy care and changes Birmingham Women's Hospital have made to maternity services during the coronavirus outbreak to keep you and your baby safe.

Please click on the links below to download the free information in your language. – English – Arabic – Bengali – Urdu – Somalian
Easy to understand guides on being pregnant and becoming a mum during Covid
Please click on the links below to view and download these great booklets
Produced through a joint initiative between: Cheshire and Wirral Partnership, Mersey Care and North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trusts. Produced June 2020.

Being pregnant - preparing to give birth

Having a new baby is big life changing event. This booklet aims to help you identify simple steps to care for your wellbeing and prepare to give birth. Lots of mums have continued to have babies safely and happily during the pandemic.

Being With Your Baby… Becoming a Mum

You are now or about to become a mum to a new baby, maybe for the first time or again.  These are very unusual times. This booklet aims to share good ideas and words of encouragement as you enter into this next stage to discover yourself as a mum, get to know and bond with your baby.

Information, education & opportunity for people of colour during Covid
Spark and Co. is a Community Interest Company that supports people of colour in the UK by providing information, education & opportunity.  Their goal is to tackle inequalities exacerbated by Covid-19 by equipping people with knowledge, information & resources which are appropriate for their individual needs accross a very broad range of subjects.

Click here to access Spark's resource page.
Free Guide To Living With Worry And Anxiety Amidst Global Uncertainty
A free self-help guide to help you to deal with anxiety and worry in relation to the current pandemic.  Available in many different languages.  Please click the link below and then scroll down the page to find the guide in the language you want.  We apologise that there are still some languages not covered.

Click here for the guide
How to refer yourself to our service
If you would like to use our service you can fill in a secure self referral form by clicking here.   if you have difficulty writing in English and would prefer to ring us please phone 0121 301 5990 and someone from Acacia will ask you the questions over the phone and complete the self referral form for you.   If you would just like to ask us a question please click here.

Self Referral
Acacia Stay at Home Survival Guide
Acacia has developed a survival guide for all parents staying at home during the coronavirus outbreak.  It contains advice and lots of resources for you to access for yourself and your children.  Please click on the link below to download the free guide
Acacia Leaflets
Acacia produces two leaflets specifically aimed at south Asian families.  They can be downloaded below.  We also produce hard copies.  If you would like to obtain any of our leaflets or booklets please get in touch.  Please note that for larger quantities we may need to make a charge.

Acacia general resources
Click on this link below to go to Acacia's general help and support resources page (all resources are in English)
Basic information about postnatal depression in different languages
Please click on the links below to access two basic information sheets for families in many languages which are available from Medline Plus. 

Emotional changes after birth
Postpartum depression (PND)

Both of these fact sheets provide a very brief look at some of the feelings a mum can face after giving birth.  The sheets both point out that if the feelings are severe or last longer than a couple of weeks there may be a more serious problem.  
Medication Fact Sheets
Below you will find viewable and downloadable handy factsheets on the two most commonly used medicines for PND/Anxiety.  Please click on the link to open the factsheet.  These are written in English

For information on other medications (written in English) which may be used during pregnancy or in the postnatal period please
click here to visit NHS24 and search for the factsheet you are looking for.

Alternatively, if you are currently pregnant you can also click here to visit Bumps and search for information on the use of most medications (written in English).

A range of medication information leaflets in many different languages are available by clicking here and then searching for the correct leaflet in your language.
W Mids Marriage and Honour Based Abuse 24 Hour Multi Lingual Helpline
  • Do you feel under pressure to get married?
  • Are you afraid that you will bring shame and dishonour to your family?
  • Are you facing or have gone through a forced marriage or honour abuse? 
  • Are you from the LGBTQI community and fear the consequences of coming out and reporting forced marriage or honour abuse?
  • Do you live in Birmingham or the West Midlands?

You are not alone  

If you are worried about yourself, or are concerned about someone you know being at risk of forced marriage or honour based abuse, the multi lingual helpline is here to support you. Offering confidential, empathic, non-judgemental emotional and practical support over the phone.   You can call 24 hours, day or night.  If you would like to discuss your options, access immediate emergency refuge, or simply ask questions or tell us how you are feeling please ring 0800 953 9777 now.  

Click on the link below for more information:
Bethel Doula Service for vulnerable and isolated pregnant women
The Bethel Doula service provides support to vulnerable and isolated pregnant women in Birmingham during their pregnancies, their childbirth and after their babies have been born. Our staff and team of experienced Senior Doulas and Volunteer Doulas help service users by:
  • meeting with and listening to each new service user to assess their needs
  • being a supportive and friendly birth partner
  • helping women to attend medical appointments
  • arranging essentials such as baby clothes, nappies and Moses baskets
  • providing breast feeding support
  • hosting a weekly Mother & Baby group
  • running a fortnightly Parent Education & Health class
  • providing friendly emotional and practical support
  • helping to access other local support services
For more information click on this link:
or ring 0121 306 0111
Parenting Courses for Muslim Families
Approachable Parenting offers a variety of services, including recognized evidence based parenting courses, for the needs of Muslim families.  Click here to visit the website.

Click here to visit Approachable Parenting's Facebook page.


Perinatal Positivity in Urdu
Joshna's Story
Shabina's Story
What is Postpartum Depression (or Postnatal Depression) in Hindi/Urdu
In other parts of the world they refer to postpartum depression.   This is the same thing as postnatal depression.
Perinatal Positivity in Arabic
Perinatal Positivity in English
Symptoms of Postpartum Depression (or postnatal depression) in Hindi/Urdu
The term postpartum depression is used in America and some other countries.  In the UK we call it postatal depression.

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