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Dads Perinatal MH Awareness Raising Films

At Acacia, we are committed to raising awareness amongst dads and partners that perinatal mental health problems affect both parents and that there's help out there for both parents.

Working in partnership with two award winning arts organisations, Formed and Alright Mate we have produced a new short animated awareness raising film and a series of other shorts for use in social media.

Please use the links below to view the films and please share them far and wide.   If you would like copies of the actual film files for use in waiting rooms and elsewhere, see details below on how to get them free of charge.

Dads Struggle Too (Animated Film)
ForMed is best known in our sector for the short, animated film Perinatal Positivity featuring mums stories.  In partnership with Acacia, ForMed have created this new short animated film based on the recordings of some of our Acacia dads.

This new animated film features real dads sharing their experiences. 

Please share this film far and wide by just cutting and pasting this link:

It is also available with subtitles here: 

Or, if you’d like an actual copy of the film, please click here and add your details to request a copy.  The film is available at no charge and is available with and without English subtitles for use in waiting rooms etc. 

If you require the embed codes to add the videos to your website you'll need to go to Youtube.  Click on the Youtube icon on the bottom left of the video pane to open it on Youtube then click on the 'Share' icon below the video and choose the embed code option, you can then cut and paste the code to your site.  If you have any difficulties, let us know and we'll send you the
Alright Mate? Short Clips for Social Media
Alright Mate? CIC are an award-winning arts organisation who make participatory art projects that normalise conversations about male mental health.  Together with other VCS partners we have produced a series of short dads perinatal mental health clips/films to be used in social media etc.  Please share these and use them to raise awareness.  To make it easier to access all the clips we've created a playlist on YouTube.  To access this playlist click here  Youtube Playlist

These clips are part of a bigger project and a three minute compilation film which you can download by clicking here

We are hoping that these films are dissemintated widely in the UK.  Please share these films far and wide by either:

Sharing the films with others by email/txt/social media by just cutting and pasting the YouTube links

Or, if you’d like an actual copy of the films, please click here to add your details for the short clips
or click here to access the longer compilation.  The films are available at no charge.    

If you'd like to share the films on social media (please do!) the easiest way is to use the link to go to the playlist then just click on the individual video you want to share and when it opens use the share button on YouTube to choose where you want to share it to.  

If you have any problems accessing the films please let us know by contacting us through our website.

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